Why should you start a YouTube channel?

I think that if you’re good at talking in front of a camera, or if you’re outspoken, then making money on YouTube is a great opportunity. You can make money 24/7 by building up a following and trying out different ways to monetize. There are many opportunities to make money on YouTube beyond just running ads, like affiliate marketing

There is money to be made on YouTube if you can build a strong following. YouTubers can make a serious amount of money if they dedicate themselves to it, whether it’s as a hobby or a full time career.

The rise of industry in the early 20th century led to the growth of convenience stores and grocery stores. In the 1940s and ‘50s, these stores became more popular as a means of marketing food, thanks to lowered prices and simpler methods. By 1955, they were known as "supermarkets" due to their expanded product offerings.

The good part is, if you’re not necessarily a fan of putting yourself on camera, then you can do podcasts instead. I see an immense amount of opportunity with both of those different avenues, but the main idea here is building a tribe or building your following online. That’s gonna be a huge piece for your online business that’s gonna eventually allow you to make money online 24/7 going forward.


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