11 Best Marketing Sites for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

11 Best Marketing Sites in 2021 List

In no particular order, find below our top picks which you have to follow to beat your competition and wow your clients if you already have an audience.

1. Neil Patel [Blog]

If you’re a digital marketer or agency, then chances are very high that you must have come across this name. Neil Patel is an authority in the industry and is always providing valuable marketing and SEO content of efficient tactics to generate leads and sales.

Neil Patel Blog

Neil Patel’s marketing blog has over 3 Million monthly visitors, hundreds of thousands of listeners for his podcast (Marketing School) and millions of followers combined on his social media channels.

2. Growth Hackers

Growth Hackers is a great community of internet marketers who share content, tips, and ideas. A cool thing about this marketing site is the fact that users can submit content and equally vote that of others, this way you get to read the best and most valuable ones.

Growth Hackers Marketing Site

3. Social Media Pack [LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest]

Now, some of you may be wondering why we decided to feature these popular social media platforms in this article! The reason is quite simple; most of these social media sites are becoming less social and more marketing oriented.

You can find for instance valuable marketing info in Facebook groups, by watching a YouTube Video (e.g. Neil Patel YouTube Channel), b2b strategies on LinkedIn, while selling your products and services at the same time. So, if you aren’t taking social media seriously in your marketing efforts, maybe you need to re-think your online marketing strategy.

4. Marketing Sherpa

Are you a fan of analytics and marketing insights? If yes, then Marketing Sherpa is a must-follow for you. They offer a huge collection of marketing data for free.

Marketing Sherpa Marketing Site

5. Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute is one of our top picks for several reasons: they offer free webinars and online events, full online training, pdfs, tutorials and blog posts, to name a few. This is a must for every online marketer, so check them out!

Content Marketing Institute website

6. Autopilot Blog

The blog section of Autopilotthq marketing website provides an all-in-one solution for both novice and Pro marketers. They cover everything from Lead gen, email marketing to content marketing and much more. Give them a try and you will not regret.

Autopilot Marketing Website

7. Copyblogger

Now, this is for those who want to take their marketing career to the next level! Copyblogger is a marketing site packed with sales/marketing strategies, webinars, seminars, pdfs and equally an amazing and very active forum where great marketing ideas are shared.

Copyblogger Marketing Website

8. ClickZ

ClickZ has got to be the world’s largest go-to resource for digital marketing news, learning, and insights! Their website is always updated, thus feeding the visitors with the latest industry standards and updates. They also have a newsletter campaign that you can sign up to, so, check them out.

ClickZ Marketing Site

9. Pro Blogger

Pro blogger has been around for 16 good years and has consistently delivered on its promises to help bloggers not only create blogs but also learn how to market these blogs.

Pro Blogger Marketing Site

10. Chief marketer

The Chief marketer marketing site stands out from other marketing websites on our list as they are geared towards serving digital marketing Pros, customers and b2b organizations with quantitative and measurable insights, strategies and techniques all in an attempt to measure ROI more efficiently. They have webinars as part of their roster, so check them out.

Chief marketer Marketing Site

11. DMN

The DMN marketing site is an amazing platform that covers all aspects of digital marketing and data-driven marketing. With eBooks, webcasts, and newsletters to name a few, this site is another great go-to resource for everyone who wants to take his/her online business seriously.

There you go, our best marketing websites for 2020, just for you. So, what next?

How to Create and Promote Your Website and Drive Free Traffic Using SEO

We can’t stress enough on the fact that every online entrepreneur, marketer, affiliate, digital agency, NGO or any other sales and lead gen enterprise needs to have a website! We touched on this above already, and all you need is to take action.

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